Move over single-serve coffee pods, one-touch miso soup is where it’s at


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It seems like every other household in the US is using those little pods of pre-ground coffee, making it simple and easy to quickly brew single cups of everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up. Now Japanese company, Marukome, has designed a similar machine that dispenses single bowls of hot miso soup at the touch of a button. Although not quite as easy to make as coffee, miso soup is part of a traditional Japanese breakfast and this new system could prove to be a godsend for early risers across Japan.

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New Sailor Moon series to debut in July, broadcast over the Internet!



Sailor Moon is among the most well-known anime in the world. Since their debut two decades ago, the “magical girls” have spawned thousands of toys, live action dramas, video games and even a musical. Needless to say, the series has incredible staying power and is still held dear by fans all over the world.

Unfortunately, the last new Sailor Moon anime episode was broadcast in 1997, leaving fans wishing for more animated magical adventures for well over a decade and a half.

Fortunately, the long wait is nearly over!

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Japan’s manga cafes allow you to play with cats, enjoy a hot spring bath, and even get a suntan!

This is where I want to be! Sounds so awesome, when can I go?? 🙂


Being a manga addict, Japan’s manga cafes are hands down my favorite hideout in the country. Manga cafes (also known as internet cafes) provide you with personal space, internet connection, a free flow of drinks, and of course, a wide selection of manga to read at very reasonable prices. But with strong competition in the business, it seems the basic functions alone aren’t enough to satisfy customers nowadays.

Check out these manga cafes that have silently evolved with better services and facilities!

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Jen’s Review of The Storycatcher by Ann Hite

This book is going on my 2014 reading list!

Reflections of a Book Addict

tsahI’m not entirely sure how to review this book without sounding overly cliché. So, let’s start with the fact that I read mainly British or French historical fiction. This book, The Storycatcher by Ann Hite, is neither of those. But after reading some reviews on Goodreads which stated, “I usually don’t read this kind of book, but it was awesome,” I decided to give it a try. I’m very glad I did.

The synopsis really doesn’t do the book justice. It’s far more complex than it leads you to believe. There are many characters and what seems like many plots, however, they come together in a huge spider web (make sure you read the names on each chapter as the POV changes with each one. I did not find it hard to follow, but I can see how one might be confused.)

From Goodreads:

Shelly Parker never much liked Faith Dobbins…

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The simple beauty of winter life in Japan

Love it!


Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 8.08.51 AM

In Japan, while most of us foreigners are complaining about the bitter cold, Japanese farmers and fishermen across the nation are putting that dry, frigid air to good use. Although a somewhat rare sight in large cities, in rural areas, it’s not uncommon to witness strange bodies of floating tentacles or long curtains of noodles swaying in the winter breeze.

“Cold wind drying” is a traditional method of food preservation that is still practiced today. This simple, economical way to prevent fresh foods from spoiling also gives rise to some breathtaking, bizarre and somewhat otherworldly scenes. Let’s take a look at some surprisingly beautiful photos from Japan of fish and vegetables hanging out to dry.

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Totally awesome Q&A for 2014 :)

1. Are you ready for 100 questions?
Maybe, we will see.

2. Do you watch college football?
If I have to. Go Indy Colts!

3. Who will fill this survey out after you?
Who know’s? I hope lots of ppl do!

4. Who was the last person to send you a text?

5. Do you love anyone?
Hubs, Pets, Friends, Family

6. What are you doing at the moment?
Listening to TV while typing this.

7. Where was the last place you went shopping?
Country Mart

8. How do you feel about your hair?
I LOVE it! Layered & long, warm golden brown.

9. Where do you work?
No where just now, I’m taking full-time college classes.

10. Last thing you ate/drank?
Sweet Iced Tea

11. Do you wish you were someplace else right now?
Lying on a nice warm beach, relaxing in the sunshine.

12. Do you have any pet peeves?
People who chew with their mouth open & people who show butt crack because their pants are too saggy!

13. Do you have any expensive jewelry?
Wedding ring set, and my promise ring 🙂

14. AIM or Yahoo?

15. Do you like math?

16. How many hours on average do you work a week:
24 hours a day – I am a wife & student!

18. Favorite baseball team?
Fort Wayne Tin Caps

19. Favorte NBA team?
Can’t stand basketball.

20. Do you watch the Olympics?
Bits & pieces, I love ice skating and snow sports.

21. Last restaurant you went to?

22. Who was the last person to call you?
My Mom

23. What’s your sign?
Pisces, I am a True Pisces, and follow astrology with an open mind

24. Do you have a favorite number?

25. Last time you did volunteer work or made any donations?
3 years ago, I volunteered for Salvation Army during the holiday season as a donation sorter and store stocker.

26. What do you spend the majority of your money on?
Gas money, food, pet food…

27. Where does your family live?
Salem, MO

28. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
5 younger siblings – 2 brothers & 3 sisters 🙂

29. Ever been called a bitch?
Yes, many times! But I am only one when pushed to it.

30. Got any guilty pleasures?

31. Do you drink beer?

32. Whats your favorite color?
It’s a tie between Pink & Purple.

33. Did you ever collect Beanie Babies?

34. Ever bought anything online?

35. Myspace or Facebook?
MySpace has changed alot, but I use FB more.

36. Do you have T-Mobile?
Nope – AT&T.

38. Do you sometimes wish you were someone else?
No because I would not have my hubby if I was.

41. Last time you saw your parents?
Dad – 7 years ago… Mom – today.

42. Do you have any talents?
Crocheting, cooking, scrap booking, writing poetry.

43. Ever been in a wedding?
Yes – last one was 2009

44. Do you have any children?
Do my pets count? 🙂

45. Last movie you watched?
Lifeguard on Netflix, and Breaking Dawn pt. 2 on DVD.

46. Are you missing anyone at the moment?
My bestie and her daughter.

47. Did you take a nap today?
No time for one.

49. Ever been on a cruise?
No – but would love to go on one some day.

50. Did you notice number 40 was missing?
No….too busy reading & typing LOL.

52. Do you have any wealthy friends?
Yes but wealth and status do not factor into who I choose to befriend.

53. Ever met anyone famous before?
Yes, the first being magician David Copperfield when I was 13.

54. Favorite actor?
Ian Somerholder 🙂

55. Favorite actress?
Lucy Hale 🙂

56. Are you multi-tasking right now?
Yes, always.

57. Could you handle being in the military?
No. I have health issues that prevent it. I thank all Military personal & their spouses.

58. Are you hungry or thirsty?

59. Favorite fast food restaurant?

61. What is your average cell phone bill?
$100 – share with Hubby

62. Do you own a camera phone?

63. Ever had to take a sobriety test?
Nope, don’t drink

64. Do you believe in Karma?
Yes, I do

65. Can you speak any other languages?
I know some Spanish & French, and I want to learn Chinese.

66. Last time you went to the gym or worked out?
2 years ago, used to have a membership.

67. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I don’t keep track.

68. Do you have a photo hosting site that you use?

69. Favorite alcoholic drink?
Before I quit: Mango margaritas

70. What is your college mascot?
Don’t remember

71. Ever been to Las Vegas?
No, but I would like to go some day.

76. Have you ever been gambling?

77. How old are your parents?
Dad – 57, Mom – 49

78. When is the last time you updated your blog?
Ummm…right now LOL

79. Do you have your wisdom teeth?

80. Favorite place to be?
Home Sweet Home

81. Have you been to New York City?

82 Favorite sit down restaurant?

83. Ever been to Disney Land?
No, but I wanna go some day 🙂

84. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

85. Last thing you cooked?
Homemade chilli

86. How is the weather today?
Chilly and slushy

87. Do you email?
Yes – everyday

88. Last letter/piece of mail you received besides junk or a bill?
A Christmas card from my baby brother in Minnesota 🙂

89. Last missed call?
My college advisor, who I emailed and then called back.

91. Last voicemail you received?
My mom

92. Do you drunk dial/text?

93. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
Butt dialed random numbers LOL

94. What is the best city in the state that you live in?
Springfield, there’s a mall and a Bass Pro and a hospital district 🙂

97. Are you bored right now?

98. Last concert you went to?
Trapt & Nickelback, in 2006

99. What do you think about before you go to bed?
What I need to do the next day.

100. What are your plans for tomorrow?
Not sure yet besides hanging out!

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