Greetings readers! (And thank you for checking out my blog)
One of my New Years resolutions was to write more and blog more. But as the month of January stretched out in front of me I found myself putting it off. My distractions have ranged from reading to playing games on face book (yep I FarmVille lol) to getting strangely obsessed with TV shows on Netflix. And watching every.single.episode! My latest Netflix obsession is gossip girl. Omg. Yes I realize it’s cheesy and I’m a late blooming fan, but I can’t help it. Maybe it’s the fashion, after all I do love shoes and handbags. I’m at the beginning of season 6 so it’s almost over, and I figured out early on who gg is (sorry lonely boy!). Maybe until I get my creativity flowing I can blog about what I watch. And I’ve been thinking of trying to spark an interest in sons of anarchy or walking dead, but I don’t know. I know both shows are popular but my taste doesn’t really veer towards gritty action unless it’s I’m a movie. Anyhow, I hope to recommit and hopefully get some readers 🙂


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