My opinion on the whole Duck Dynasty train-wreck…

Okay, so after a week of sitting back and watching all of the fallout over what was said by Phil…I am seeing a side of some people who I love that I did not know they were holding back…It is an ugly, dark, offensive side. I do not want to know people like this. My opinion is Yes, he was being honest and simply stating how he feels and believes. Should the network have suspended him for that? No. It does not make any sense whatsoever. Here is the same network that allows the family to pray on the air, when our children can’t even pray in school. *BUT* The ugly backlash of hate, homophobia, and outrage is just out of control. The LGBT does not own the network, people, so WHY on earth is the blame being placed in the wrong place?? Why isn’t anyone hating on A&E??

One friend who I have known for a few years, posted these on FB: (warning, the following statements are offensive, and I do NOT agree with anything that is said below)

“America, land of the free, women can vote, we can go where we please, we can decide what religion we want to follow, here’s the catch; the gay community runs everything because majority are the voters and the votes count, right? If you say you don’t believe in being homosexual, or that it is a sin, they start riots and have you made out to be the worst person possible, SMH…”

“F-ck you, whoever decided to cry and get Duck Dynasty thrown off the air, f-ck you AND your gayness…”

“Mfs can’t even enjoy sh-t because the gays want to be a bunch of babies and turn everything around as gay bashing. I don’t blame Phil a woman is more appealing ot look at then a man. That is why God created a woman for man, not a man for man. That is my belief and my opinion…”

Now, this person is usually a very bright, friendly, and generally awesome person. However, one highly dramatized issue has turned this person into someone who is no longer my friend in real life, or on FB. The truth is, the statements made by this person hurt me to my core. I identify as Bisexual, and I have known since I was in like, Kindergarten that I was into girls. I am openly out with my family, my friends, my peers, and the world in general. And I am SICK of having to defend my sexuality when stuff like this comes up. I didn’t call A&E and tell them to suspend Phil, or to cancel the show. Actually, I think I read somewhere on the interwebs that Willie, one of the show’s stars, made a statement that without his father, he was unwilling to move forward with the show. Next thing you know, cancellation rumors are flying. Did the show get cancelled because the family will not move forward without Phil? Possibly. Is it all just a huge misleading rumor? Possibly, after all, you cannot always trust the media. So in closing, please people, get your facts straight (no pun intended!) and stop throwing hate towards the LGBT. It is undeserved, misdirected, and out of control. Deal with it.


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