some random questions, cuz I’m bored =)

Are you strong enough for this survey?
 Whose bed were you on last?
When was the last time you laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe?
 a couple days ago!!
 Have you ever taken a picture of yourself kissing someone?
 of course =)
 Are you someone who’s an asshole because you’re so honest?
 my ex called me a bitch becuz I was honest, lol 
Have you ever cleaned up someone else’s vomit? 
yes and I almost did myself…ick!
 Do you drink more apple or orange juice?
apple juice when I can!
 When was the last time you cried? Why? 
 few nights ago, sappy movie =)
 Who’s the last person you talked to in person?
 my aunt
 Are you in a good mood?
yes actually!
Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your gf/bf? 
no, but I forgave a family member for it, we barely speak now =(
Would you ever donate blood? 
yes I have and would again!
Would you rather drink coffee or tea?
tea…coffee is gross

 Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?
umm, now! 
Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night? 
heck no lol 
Do you think someone is thinking about you? 
well, I hope so
Do you think it’s disgusting for a girl to drink alcohol and get drunk?
as she can hold her composure, no…
 What’s on your mind? 
too much as always
 What are you doing tomorrow? 
homework…excercise…who knows what else
 What are you doing tonight? 
cuddling in my pjs…
 Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?  
yep =P
 Has someone ever said they want to spend the rest of their life with you? 
yep, a few times…looks like 3rd time’s a charm…
 Do you get distracted easily?
yes I do…
 Is there someone you wish you were still close with? 
yes I do and she knows who she is, lol…one of my besties 4-ever
 Do you always care what you look like? 
   Depends but most of the time yes. Hair and makeup has to be done and outfit has to look nice. I do have my bummy days here n there tho lolz
 Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?
yes they are lessons learned
 Do you regret anything you’ve done this year?
yep but as the year draws to an end, I am letting go of all regrets…
 Do you get easily embarrassed? 
depends but usually no…I can be kinda goofy and crazy =)
 Do you know what it’s like to be truly happy?
yes, and it’s the best feeling in the world…
 Have you ever cried your heart out?
yes I have…it sucks doing that…
 Do you believe in love?
yes I do, completely and totally…
 Do you go tanning?
not so much, I used to…now I prefer sunshine =)
 Do you hate the last person you kissed?
he is awesome and always makes me smile… 
 Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?
 not a chance, becuz laughter is a key to the heart…
 Is there someone you like to hang out with, just to talk about stuff?  
yeah there is…
 Did you climb trees when you were younger? 
   Yepp I was a lil tomboy hehe
 Have you ever started a sentence with “no offense, but”? 
  To many times darn honesty lolz
 You’re single, why?
Bc I am still in love with my ex and I wont be a person that tries to recover by moving on fast. It wouldnt work. I will be single until I am better and ready to move on. I can do bad all by myself! hehe
 It’s 2 in the morning and you get a call, who is it? 
    99% of the time its Andrew =) 
 Will you be in a relationship in the next couple months?
   I doubt it
 Do you always answer your phone?
Nope lolz Im notorious for not answering
Do you think you’ll have the same best friends a year from now?
My best friends all go back many many years. I have TRUE best friends through thick and thin. So I KNOW I will. Love u guys!!!
  Do you think life has been good so far? 
    Its been a roller coaster and I have learned so much! So yes even with the bad!
 How many people have you had STRONG feelings for this year? 
  If you could would you take back your last kiss? 
    No I sure wouldnt.
 Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?  
 Last time you were really happy? 
  I am happy now. I was really happy last yr up until Nov 4th.
 Is there a specific moment you can replay in your mind perfectly? 
   There are a few all with one particular person. Dont know why but they are the best bc of who they were with ={
 Is the last person you kissed, going to be the next person you kiss?
    Yes I am pretty sure it will be!
 Have you ever regretted letting someone go? 
   Yes but it needed to be done bc I couldnt continue hurting and being lied to and used.  If his side of what he called love was true it will work itself out….and we will become friends at some point.
 How long was your longest make out? 
   Oh hell hours and hours haha. 
 Do you want to dance? 
  I love to dance so Yes =}
 Do you like someone?
   I plead the fifth!! hehe
 Why aren’t you with the last person you kissed? 
    Bc neither of us want a relationship. We both respect whats goin on in each others love lives.
Is life unfair?
  Yes in more ways then I could ever count.
 How has the week been? 
   Really good and reakin awesome weather!!!
 Are you mad at anyone right now?
   Nope =)
 Are you happy?
 When was the last time you talked to the last person you kissed?
   Last night well or this morning…. 2 am?! hmmm
 Can you honestly say that things are running smoothly for you?
 Who made you laugh last?
  Boo Boo hes crazy
 Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
 Next time you will kiss someone on the lips? 
   Tonight…tmrw…who knows.
If the person who hurt you most said they’re sorry would you believe them? 
  Yes but it wouldnt make things the way they once were. But it would be a start
 When was the last time you hugged someone?
   a few mins ago
 Do you think love lasts forever?
  If its true yes even if you arent together
If the last person you kissed, was kissing someone else, what would you do?
  Nothing bc it wouldnt matter we aint a couple! lolz…altho I would prolly be a smartass and say I bet I kiss better or something lmao. 
What’s something that made you smile today?
  My nephew bein a lil cutie as usual
 Has a boy/girl put their arm around you the past five days?
 Which is harder, walking away from somebody you love or coming back to somebody who has hurt you? 
  Both are hard. Been there and done that. 
 Have you kissed someone is the past 3 days?
   Yes I have
 Do you think its cute when someone kisses your forehead?
  I absolutely adore it and get it almost everyday!
Where are you? 
   sitting on my couch
Have you ever told anyone you were okay when you really weren’t?
  Way to many times. My real friends now Im lying 
Was your last kiss drunk or sober?
 I bet you’re going to kiss someone tomorrow, right?


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