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Last 5 movies I saw:
1. The Wolverine
2. Despicable Me 2
3. Possession
4. Thor: The Dark World
5. The Mortal Instruments

Current favorite 5 songs:
1. Roar- Katy Perry
2. Titanium- David Guetta
3. Applause- Lady Gaga
4. Running Up That Hill- Placebo
5. Lips of an Angel- Hinder


Cosmopolitan Cupcakes

The Pink Rose Bakery

Cosmo Cupcakes - MainHave you all survived Christmas in one piece? I hope so. And that you also had a very lovely time. I myself am wondering when the cut-off point for eating mince pies for breakfast is? I think I can get away with it for a couple more days yet.

Next up is New Year.

Can I tell you a secret? Well, it’s not really a secret. If anyone asks, I gladly tell them. I do not like New Year’s Eve. I don’t. Sorry. Actually, I’m not sorry.

I adore Christmas. The month-long build up. The sparkly lights. The deliciously festive spiced food.

But once it is over, there, staring you in the face like a ominious thunder-cloud, is New Year’s Eve. Ugh.

I don’t have a problem with the beginning of a new year. January and February typically (hopefully) bring snow with them. And there are not many things I like…

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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Flights. Camera. Satisfaction.

Dog, Bruges, Belgium

While touring the quaint canals of Bruges in Belgium I looked up to see a surprising sight. A curious dog, just peering out of the window as if it was completely normal. Nothing to see here! Just inches between its paws and a few metres fall into the water below. It captured my imagination and made me wonder just what it might be thinking. Whatever the case, it certainly had a good view from where it was sitting!

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Tis a Wonderful Life…

Today was filled with joy and family…my hubs and I went to moms for exchanging of gifts and a family dinner…after dinner we all talked over coffee, and watched a movie and relaxed…the movie, despicable me 2, was funny 🙂 now it’s nice to be home all snuggled in a blankie reflecting back on the days memories with gratitude…

We cook a Christmas cake in a rice cooker to ring in the holidays

This looks yummy…



When discussing Christmas in Japan it would be remiss not to mention the traditional cake that families and individuals buy during this time of the year. RocketNews24 also purchased a cute Santa cake to please our collective sweet teeth and warm our bellies in the cold winter.

However, it wouldn’t be a RocketNews24 Christmas with cooking that bad boy up in a rice cooker. Heck, if Big Macs or Oreos work, then rice-cooker-cooked Christmas cake should be a grand slam. Unsurprisingly (for us at least) the results were both festively pretty and delicious!

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