My name in Finnish :)

I love browsing blogs late at night!
Found a post about this name generator and tried it out 🙂
It’s after 2am so I am derpin lol
Aurora as in Aurora Borealis
Puro means creek


Moments to remember…

There have been 3 moments in my life that have changed how I view the world around me, permanently.

1. Holding a newborn in my arms after experiencing the bittersweet pain of labor

2. The day my grandmother passed away

3. My wedding day

There is no amount of joy and love I can ever feel like when I gazed down at the tiny human that I loved and nurtured inside me for 9 months, felt move reassuringly and sometimes disconcertingly, and saw on the screen of an ultrasound machine. None. 

There were not enough tears, nor heartache when I went to the hospital after my dad called to tell me. I entered her room with a quiet fear, my heart constricting painfully in my chest as I moved to her bedside. I held her hand and leaned in to whisper that I was there, that I loved her. I will never stop missing her. She was a very significant part of my life, and continues to inspire me to this day. 

It was not my first wedding, but it will be my last. This has been my longest relationship ever, even with a few very brief breakups. I know that I am not perfect, and neither are they, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is at the end of the day, this is the person I want to talk to about everything, this is the hug and kiss goodnight I want to reach for, and this is who I can laugh and cry with. We fight like siblings, laugh like best friends, and weather anything life throws at us.  

My recent epiphany…

After much consideration and meditation, I have decided to write a selection of short stories based on my personal journey of self discovery…

Perhaps after this project, I can work on being a fiction writer…I have many untold stories in my mind waiting to be shared, so here’s to the first step!

Crunchy peanut butter cookies

write meg!

Peanut butter cookies 1

After spending a few hours watching cooking shows while snowed in last week, I knew it would only be a matter of time until I attached myself to my oven.

I mean, you can’t watch delicious baked goods being prepared all afternoon and not have a serious craving for some. And because our home is a mostly-healthy-food-only zone, I knew if I wanted something buttery and sugary? Well, I’d have to make it myself.

In one of my weaker moments, I’d printed a recipe for Fifteen Spatulas’ crazy good peanut butter M&M cookies — but lacked the crucial candy component. I decided to just bake the cookies themselves because OMG peanut butter and ignore the candy completely . . . and then I remembered the Heath toffee pieces hiding in the pantry.

If you like peanut butter (yes) and love cookies (double yes), these are the treat for you. I…

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Greetings readers! (And thank you for checking out my blog)
One of my New Years resolutions was to write more and blog more. But as the month of January stretched out in front of me I found myself putting it off. My distractions have ranged from reading to playing games on face book (yep I FarmVille lol) to getting strangely obsessed with TV shows on Netflix. And watching every.single.episode! My latest Netflix obsession is gossip girl. Omg. Yes I realize it’s cheesy and I’m a late blooming fan, but I can’t help it. Maybe it’s the fashion, after all I do love shoes and handbags. I’m at the beginning of season 6 so it’s almost over, and I figured out early on who gg is (sorry lonely boy!). Maybe until I get my creativity flowing I can blog about what I watch. And I’ve been thinking of trying to spark an interest in sons of anarchy or walking dead, but I don’t know. I know both shows are popular but my taste doesn’t really veer towards gritty action unless it’s I’m a movie. Anyhow, I hope to recommit and hopefully get some readers 🙂

Japanese restaurant chain turns boring old chopstick sleeves into fun origami

Pretty kool…


origami (3)

Family restaurants like Saizeriya are a staple of Japan’s cheap culinary world. From fake Italian food to fake Mexican-Indian hybrids that taste far better than they really should, family restaurants are a great place to hangout for high school students, to grab a quick meal between meetings for harried salarymen, or to take hungry kids for frazzled parents. Though convenient, the chains aren’t exactly known for their high class presentation.

However, Aiya, a family restaurant focused on Japanese-style cooking, has come up with a way to offer their customers a bit more pizazz!

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From spicy curry to delicious charcoal – 7 bizarre toothpastes on sale in Japan

I totally want to try this!!


You’re probably well aware that the Japanese are fond of creating food and beverages in unusual flavors and splicing things together, but guess what? That trait can be found in their toothpaste as well. Here are seven odd-tasting toothpastes available in Japan that you might, or perhaps might not, want to brush your teeth with!

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